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L’Université Moulay Ismaïl moteur pour le développement régional.

  • Université Moulay Ismaïl (UMI)

  • Meknès, Morocco

  • Duration project - 01/01/2017 > 31/08/2027 (ongoing)

  • IUC project

Flemish promotor

Partner promotor

Partner administrator

Flemish administrator


This IUC responds to the predisposition of the Moulay Ismaïl University (UMI) to play the role of development actor in the Meknes region. The program aligns with the UMI Strategic Development Plan and proposes institutional strengthening of UMI and its components through:

A. Strengthening the governance and management capacities of the UMI in a quality approach

B. Strengthening the training, research and service capacities of 5 Competence Clusters (CC) in order to make them efficient and have concrete repercussions on the economic and social development of the region: 1. Environmental Health, 2. Agri-food and food safety, 3. Water resources management, 4. Sustainable territorial development and 5. Aromatic and medicinal plants.

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