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Building Capacity in Education, Research, Innovation and Societal Outreach to Foster an Inclusive and Sustainable Built Environment in a Rapidly Urbanizing City, Dar Es Salaam (SDG 11 In Dar Es Salaam)

  • Ardhi University (ARU)

  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

  • Duration project - 01/03/2021 > 31/08/2027 

  • IUC project

Flemish promotor

Partner promotor

Project managers


Ardhi University will establish an African Centre for Sustainable Cities Studies (ACS) in order to (i) build capacity in education and training, research, innovation and societal outreach to contribute in generating solutions to these challenges and contribute to the sustainable growth of Dar es Salaam and its wider region in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in general and SDG 11 in particular, and (ii) realize the ambition of becoming an internationally recognized, inclusive, civic university that responds to societal and environmental problems. The IUC consists of 7 sub-projects concerning (i) land use planning, (ii) decent housing, (iii) socio-economic development, (iv) urban transport, (v) cultural heritage, (vi) gender and participation and (vii) ICT and SSIC.

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